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Welcome to the CENTRE OF Beijing International Shaolin Culture (BISC)

Our promise and guarantee to you:

  • The most competitive price reflecting high quality Chinese Kung Fu.
  • Learn real Kung Fu in China with some of the best Chinese Kung Fu Masters.
  • Freedom of choice: build your programme to suit your needs and interests.
  • Our first and primary concern is for your safety.
  • It is our pleasure to further your enjoyment and interest.

CBISC is the finest place to experience Chinese culture. The Centre offers Shaolin Kung fu/Wu Shu and many other styles of martial arts training. In addition, language study, travel opportunities and Chinese cultural studies are also on offer. Through innovation, perseverance and maintaining high quality standards, CBISC has become one of the leading organizations in the martial arts and cultural industry of China and EU.

Why Choose CBISC:

  • It is a sub-training centre of the North Shaolin Temple
  • Experience a culture with many thousands of years of history
  • Over 30 years experience in Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts industry.
  • A profound location to learn Chinese martial arts – The North Shaolin Temple.
  • A respectable reputation and strong background.
  • A sound international team based in China and EU.
  • Affiliation with UK SHAOLIN TEMPLE, BCCMA, CHINA WU SHU ASSOCIATION and other national and international bodies.
  • Teaching from genuine masters of Shaolin and other Chinese martial arts styles.
  • Friendly and helpful service for national and international students.
  • Our dedicated Promise and Guarantee to you.