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About Learning Kung Fu in China

If you're looking for a Shaolin kung fu school in China that teaches traditional Chinese martial arts and embraces Chinese culture, our training centre at the foot of Song Mountain completes your search. Since 2011, we've trained hundreds of students of all levels with positive reviews on the art of kung fu training here. Surrounded by the majestic and deeply spiritual Song mountain range, birthplace of Kung Fu, our kung fu centre offers you every opportunity to learn kung fu and expand your horizons.

In addition to teaching traditional Shaolin kung fu, we also teach other ancient arts of Chinese martial arts like Wing Chun , Chi Kung (Qigong), Tai Chi ,Wudang, Xingyi, Bagua, Baji , Mantis boxing and Sanda (Chinese kick boxing). The Shaolin masters here are top warrior monks from Shaolin temples in shaolin lineage and other martial arts style masters who have many years of martial arts training experience. All school masters and staff are dedicated to improve academy and develop traditional Chinese kung fu. With the wisdom of shaolin monks and the combat skills of our masters, you'll succeed in this scenic land that's rich with Chinese history and culture tradition.

An important aspect of our Song mountain - Centre of International Shaolin Culture (CISC) - Shaolin martial arts academy China is that the Ministry of Education through Chinese Department of Sports authorizes us as a legitimate academy of kung fu foreign trainers. Our respect throughout the general community and realm of Chinese martial arts confirms the success of our approach and ability to teach students effectively. Aside from the Chinese kung fu training, there are also free courses on Chinese mandarin, Taoism, Buddhism, Calligraphy, and Chinese culture, acupuncture and massage are also available here.

We are located at the foot of Song mountains, environmentally protected mountain of natural beauty and cultural importance, that take 10 minutes to the Shaolin Temple and 2 minutes center of coastal modern Dengfeng city we located in Henan Province. At the base of the Song Mountain is where we claim our peaceful presence, it is away from the distractions of big city, that gives students a serene environment for training and growing in strength and spirit .

Besides the cultural importance of this place, the centre is surrounded by historic places and ancient scenic spots. You can see the lake while the Songyue Temple, is next to centre, the Gaocheng Observatory and Huishan Temple around us. The area is the center of the development of Zen Culture and Shaolin Martial Arts. Now, there are about 62 martial arts schools in Dengfeng including Xiaolong Martial Arts School (with CISC) and Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts Schooln so on. Over 50 thousand students both foreign and Chinese are studying martial arts in these schools. The city is sometimes called the “Hometown of Martial Arts.”

learn shaolin kung fu in china

About Centre of International Shaolin Culture (CISC)

The Centre of International Shaolin Culture (CISC) specialises in delivering a wide range of authentic Chinese cultural studies. We specialise in the field of Chinese martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Qigong, Ba Ji, Ba Gua, and many others. We also offer other studies including Chinese language, tea culture and traditional Chinese medicine. CISC possesses highly qualified staff and expert teachers to deliver these authentic disciplines. Our services have been enjoyed by scores of students and our delivery methods are designed to accommodate international students with ease.

CISC is cooperative partner with the Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Kungfu School in Dengfeng city, Henan, China. As a result, our base resides within the school and we are delighted to offer students dedicated, modern and traditional training facilities, accommodation and amenities.

The CISC cooperation came about when the Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Kungfu School wished to expand its international training programme. Masters Shi Yan Min and Shi Yan Ling headed the project to develop the Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Kungfu School’s facilities for an international market. The result was a dedicated complex for international students. The centre houses both short and long term international students and it also hosts numerous holiday camps throughout the year. The success of this project is aided by our co-operation with Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Kungfu School.

Real Shaolin Masters and Masters of other martial traditions instruct our international students full time. The accumulative specialties of our teachers include instruction in Shaolin Kung fu forms and weapons, Tai Chi quan and weapons, Qi Gong, San Da, Wing Chun, Baji, and other Chinese Martial arts including Ba Gua, Xing Yi, etc. The unique feature of CISC is that students from across the world can experience authentic and traditional Chinese martial arts training and Chinese cultural studies under one roof.


The Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Kungfu School has been honoured with a number of recognitions including one of the Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in China, picked as the Martial Arts Training Base for the Young in Henan Province, and one of the Ten Well-Known Martial Arts Schools in China.

For over thirty years, the school has nurtured over 12700 Martial Arts professionals, accepted and trained 4658 foreign trainees, and honoured with 278 national-level and world-level champions receiving 350 national-level gold medals and 966 provincial-level gold medals.

CISC Aims:

It is our pleasure to further your enjoyment and interest whilst studying in China. At CISC we have a program to help you achieve your personal goals. You will find a range of study options to meet your specific learning needs and interests. It may be that you want to learn or improve on your Chinese language skills. Or learn real Shaolin Kung fu and Chinese martial arts. Or deepen your understanding of Chinese culture. What ever your aim is, we have courses to help realise it.

CISC involves three main service areas:

  • Chinese martial arts
  • Shaolin culture and Chinese Buddhism
  • Traditional Chinese culture

Each area is specifically designed to meet the different needs of our participants. Our approach is customer focused, so instead of forcing your desires into a boxed package, you have a freedom to direct your learning. We won’t just try to do our best; we will endeavor to meet and exceed your requests.

As well as dedicated study, staying at the CISC provides unique social opportunities. It gives you the opportunity to make friends with many like-minded people, share in the unique experiences and camaraderie that can only come with this type of experience.

To Kungfu Lovers Across the World

As an old saying goes, Ch’an Buddhism expresses its truth from the inner heart, not through literature. The highest level of Kung Fu skills is for every action to be guided by the heart and from the instinctual dimension. Students coming to learn Kung Fu in China not only need the long periods for dedicated training but also time to reflect and power within their own heart. Our centre warmly welcomes you to learn traditional Kung Fu here and thrive within our community.