Learn authentic Shaolin Kung fu training and experience quality Chinese culture in China through CISC

CISC is an exceptional place to experience authentic Chinese culture. The Centre offers high quality Shaolin Kung fu/Wu Shu and many other styles of martial arts training. In addition to this, language study, travel opportunities and Chinese cultural studies are also on offer. Through innovation, customer driven communication and striving to maintain high quality standards, CISC has become an innovative organization in the martial arts and cultural industry of China and the EU.

CISC’s main base is located in Dengfeng. This is a beautiful city, where its famous historic architectural has been added to UNESCO World Heritage List. Our base is located near the Mount Song – the “Central Sacred Mountain” – and surrounded by picturesque rolling hills adorned with traditional temples. Amongst these Temples include the prestigious Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Kung fu. What’s more about this great location, is that the mountainous condition has provided a comfortable living environment with pleasant weather and fresh air. All of these favored features have led this school is a great place for Martial Arts learning and training.

Students are invited to train at the Centre on both long and short term basis. The Centre caters for all levels of martial arts ability. Students may also combine training with optional classes in the evening, for example complementary Mandarin lesson, Calligraphy, Acupuncture and Massage, Martial Arts Theory and Buddhism.

Through the process of learning Shaolin Culture and Kung Fu on a full time basis, you will feel your strength, flexibility and coordination increase rapidly. In addition, you will learn to defend yourself and a find inner balance. Additionally, you will also train your mind, your master’s will help you to both become more aware of your body and clear your head.


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  • We provide instruction from genuine masters of Shaolin Kung Fu and other martial arts including Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Bagua, Baji, Sanda and many more. In addition our extensive choice of cultural activities provide a unique insight into Chinese culture the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Our location is on the outskirts of central Deng Feng city, Henan, China. This is right at the heart of Shaolin’s spiritual motherland. The surrounding area is in encased by the Song mountain region, which makes for stunning scenery and great day trips out. The local area is also heavily influenced by this spiritual and martial connection. The local town hosts many martial arts shops selling gifts, clothes, equipment and many more. You also have the pleasure of an abundance of local temples in which to explore.


kung fu training china

Our Promise and Guarantee to you:

  • The most competitive price reflecting high quality Chinese Kung Fu training and cultural activities.
  • Learning from experienced, expert Chinese martial arts Masters who invest their interest into your personal development.
  • Freedom of choice: you can build your own training programme to suit your needs and interests*.
  • Our first and constant primary concern is for your safety.
  • It is our pleasure to further your enjoyment and interest whilst studying in China.

*Subject to availability, please contact us well in advance to discuss your request.


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CISC is one of two Kung Fu schools which can issue JW202 forms for students to study martial arts in China. JW202 forms are required for students to obtain a visa for an extended period of over 3 months. If a student is enrolled on a course of study for less than 3 months, then the student can come to China on a tourist visa. If the course duration is longer than 3 months then we can send a JW202 form for the student to apply for an X Visa in his/her country.

How To Apply

Plan your study in 3 steps

We try to make it as easy and simple as possible for everyone to learn kung fu in CISC. The process is just 3 simple steps for you to follow, after these steps you are successfully booked with us. The steps are:

Choose Your Style

Choose the style you would like to study. Or choose a combination of styles!

Apply To Study

Fill in the APPLICATION FORM online. After we have received your application fee, we will send the confirmation and full details to you.

Success & Start Training

Now you have successfully booked with the CBISC. Come and start training, we also help with visas and offer local pick up.


kung fu master

Our masters are some of the best in China. They are authentic kung fu masters having honed their skills over their lifetimes. They have a large range of experience teaching students.

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Training Programs

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The CISC training programs is professionally designed to suit every student. The plan we have list below can be adjusted to suit your personal goals, style focus and body condition. Moreover, the times can be adjusted depending on the season.

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Training Facilities

wing chun kung fu training

We do our utmost to provide all students with the best kung fu training facilities that we can. We have specialist Wing Chun equipment, a gym with modern and traditional training machines and bench, a wide range of kung fu weapons, sparing equipment, punch bags and more.

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We have great accommodation options for students. All of our rooms are comfortable and have internet access. Hot shower facilities and western toilets are also provided.

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Beautiful Location


CISC is situated in Dengfeng, a beautiful city where the famous historic architectural complex has been added into UNESCO World Heritage List, the school is located at the foot of Mount Song.

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Life At The Centre

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When you’re not training we have a great variety of recreational activities and facilities for you to use. You can relax in our chill out room, play some pool, enjoy a game of table tennis or take a trip to some of the local attractions such as Shaolin Temple.

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kung fu tour

Find out how our students got on during their study at CISC. Read about the experiences of students from many different countries.

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Get involved with us on our CISC Facebook community. Share your views, post us your messages and images and invite your friends to join our online family.

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